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July 30, 2021

How the U.S. Learned to Stop Worrying About the Pacific and Love the ‘Indo-Pacific’

Foreign Policy | “From a military perspective, the focus really needs to be tightly on the Pacific, especially the first island chain and Taiwan,” said Elbridge Colby, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense during the Trump administration who helped craft the 2018 National Defense Strategy....

June 24, 2021

Deter China’s military invasion of Taiwan

47 News | As the conflict between the United States and China deepens and tensions in the Taiwan Strait are worried, Elbridge Colby, who participated in the formulation of the strategy for China as Assistant Secretary of Defense under the former US administration of Trump,....

June 21, 2021

Pacific deterrence budget creates rift between Biden and Congress

Nikkei Asia | The confusion over the PDI shows that there is still debate over "how to deal with the China military challenge," even as the question of whether Beijing is a priority has been settled,....

June 18, 2021

Japan must disavow pacifism and embrace collective defense

Nikkei Asia | The question of how to respond to China's enormous growth and increasing assertiveness is leading countries across the Indo-Pacific to grapple with uncomfortable -- even previously unimaginable -- policy changes....

June 15, 2021

Building a Force That Wins: Recommendations for the 2022 National Defense Strategy

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies | Speaker(s): Mark Gunzinger, Director of Future Concepts and Capability Assessments; Lukas Autenried, Senior Analyst; Lt Gen Dave Deptula....

June 15, 2021

Pentagon considering permanent naval task force to counter China in the Pacific

POLITICO | While the initiatives would not be a silver bullet to solve the China problem, the efforts are an encouraging sign that the Pentagon is committed to moving resources....

June 13, 2021

Elbridge Colby and Max Bergmann on President Biden’s First Overseas Trip

C-SPAN | Marathon Initiative’s Elbridge Colby and Center for American Progress' Max Bergmann talked about President Biden’s first overseas trip, plus other topics on foreign policy....

June 11, 2021

Asia Times Webinar: “What might start a Pacific War, and who would win it?”

Asia Times | Asia Times welcomes readers to an online discussion between editor-in-chief Uwe Parpart and Elbridge Colby, former Deputy Assistant Secretary....

June 9, 2021

Pentagon to Speed Up Efforts to Counter China

The Wall Street Journal | At this point, the say-do gap is the problem,” said Elbridge Colby, a former Pentagon official who played a key role in developing the national defense strategy during the Trump administration....

May 20, 2021

Intelligence Squared Debates: Taiwan is Indefensible

Intelligence Squared | Some argue that the scale of China’s military presence has already surpassed anything the U.S. or Taiwan militaries could stop.