August 21, 2021

A Strategy for Avoiding Two-Front War

The National Interest | The greatest risk facing the twenty-first-century United States, short of an outright nuclear attack, is a two-front war involving its strongest military rivals, .....

June 30, 2021

Biden Is Falling Into the Same Trap With Europe as Obama

Foreign Policy | In reality, U.S. ties with many European allies don’t need resuscitation. In fact, many of these relationships significantly improved under Trump following years of neglect under the Obama administration.....

June 18, 2021

Japan must disavow pacifism and embrace collective defense

Nikkei Asia | The question of how to respond to China's enormous growth and increasing assertiveness is leading countries across the Indo-Pacific to grapple with uncomfortable -- even previously unimaginable -- policy changes....

June 12, 2021

The Curzonian imprint on Indian foreign policy

Hindustan Times | Lord Curzon’s conceptualisation of India’s neighbourhood and emphasis on frontiers and integration is still relevant and can serve as a template for both India and India-US partnership....

June 9, 2021

Trump, Biden und Europa: Geopolitik, Lastenverteilung und Stil

Neue Zuericher Zeitung | Wess Mitchell zieht in der NZZ erstmals Bilanz über seine Zeit als führender Europa-Politiker unter dem ehemaligen amerikanischen Präsidenten.....

May 9, 2021

Asia is US Priority: Europe Has to be Ready to Defend Itself Alone

Klub Jagielloński | What the US wants is a sustainable, favorable balance of power, particularly in Asia, because that’s where half of global GDP and the future is.

April 25, 2021

Interests, Not Values, Should Guide America’s China Strategy

The National Interest |It is now widely accepted that the United States is in a great power competition with China, and that allies and partners are pivotal in this struggle....

March 31, 2021

Biden Team’s Embrace of Europe Falls Short on Content

Foreign Policy | U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s inaugural trip to Europe last week is being hailed as a soothing restoration of the trans-Atlantic alliance....

March 23, 2021

NATO: India’s Next Geopolitical Destination

Hindustan Times | When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders meet later this year, they will debate the recommendations from a group of experts (which I co-chaired) that advocates, among other things...

March 22, 2021

The State of (Deterrence By) Denial

War on the Rocks | America should act now to strengthen its Western Pacific forward posture. Neglecting it further raises the risk of war — and defeat....